The practice on the Van Eycklei

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a treatment that is applied by a psychologist or psychotherapist. The therapist does not provide ready solutions, but helps sorting through everything and gaining insight(s). This is done professionally and confidentially, in a safe environment.
in a safe environment.

What do you have to do in order to get therapy?

At Integra we operate as follows: after you reach out to us for the first time, we invite you to an intake session. We will try to assess your complaints and expectations through the same consultation as well, so as to make a recommendation for the continuation of your trajectory. Depending on the situation we will recommend continuing the therapy or
rather suggest a referral. It is equally possible for you to not really feel in tune with your therapist. This may give way to a referral as well and it is important for you to feel comfortable enough to raise the subject if needed.

How long will your therapy take?

It is not easy to adequately assess the possible duration of a therapy in advance. Various factors will influence its course. Globally speaking easy solutions are rarely found and psychotherapy often equals a rather lengthy engagement. In some cases just a few sessions will suffice, but more often a trajectory will span over a few months and in some cases even over a year.

What is Integra’s specific vision on therapy?

At Integra we provide therapy tailored to your needs. Our vision is threefold and symbolized by the three ends of the Greek letter ‘psy’ (Ψ) in our logo:
Integrality: we try to approach every complaint as broad mindedly as possible, all the while avoiding to jumping to conclusions.

Integrity we commit to providing therapy with respect for the individuality of each person.

Integration: every human being has strengths and weaknesses. Together, we depart on a journey to find your strengths and ways to integrate them with your weaknesses to become more resilient.

Integra strives to offering you interesting
lectures and workshops on a frequent basis.
Do consult our website regularly to discover novelties in our offer. Announcements can be found by clicking on ‘Activities’. You can equally find the subjects of past lectures and workshops on this page, as well as available pictures, texts or video compilations.
If a lecture or workshops of your interest has been held already or if you have not been able to attend due to a private reservation, you can contact us to book an existing talk for your own organization. It is equally possible to request the creation of a new lecture or workshop figuring a theme of your liking. Discussing your requirements is possible at any time and free of any obligation to engage.


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De praktijk aan de Van Eycklei

The practice on the Van Eycklei

Integra has been providing consulting services on demand to mainly school boards since 2016. We specifically apply a clinical point of view in our work, focusing on the wellbeing of your staff (and/or students). The advice to your organization is built around your particular demands and may include training in the use of tools such as surveys, mediation or team building if desired.

Our target goals will mostly include an increase in wellbeing, but can be tailored to the specific situation of your organization. We aim at supporting you without burdening your staff with the feeling that an intervention is being carried out from the outside.


Integra is a psychotherapeutic practice in Antwerp (Belgium).
We offer psychological help to people who feel stuck in their lives:
not being able to get ahead, not seeing any way out, not being capable of functioning anymore, …


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Opening hours Monday through Thursday 9.30 - 12.30

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