Project Multipride

Een school in de Antwerpse Rand wilde een totaalproject om haar leerlingen vanuit erg verschillende achtergronden dichter bij elkaar te brengen. Het resultaat was Multipride: een tweejarig extracurriculair programma met de betrekking van ouders, leerlingen en personeel doorheen verschillende lezingen en workshops en als kers op de taart een toneelvoorstelling. De verandering in cohesie werd op wetenschappelijke wijze gemeten door vragenlijsten bij aanvang en afloop van het project af te nemen.

Multipride Project – DYP International School united in cultural diversity
by Dr Dehlia Schirmer & Dr Edmond Maher

‘Dream, Achieve, Celebrate, Unite’

To unite is the closing statement of our school’s guiding statements ‘Dream, Achieve, Celebrate, Unite’. As an International School it is our ongoing aim to keep unity despite the diverse background of our students. We want our students to grasp what diversity means and to understand its beauty.

As a starting point we specialized in global learning and citizenship. To take our aim even further, we decided for a pro-active approach and engaged Integra to develop more ideas for us to build and maintain cultural integration. Already three years in a row all our students experience the spirit of unity by participating in a school play: Journey of the Pride, SOS Antarctica and this year’s “The last resort”. By doing so we celebrate our diversity in all its aspects as a value, not a challenge. The entire school follows this approach from two angles

1. Help our students to understand areas of diversity to develop appreciation and respect of others being different
2. Celebrate diversity to unite

The American philosopher Henry David Thoreau said once, that “It is never too late to give up your prejudices” – But we as an International School with students from all over the world believe, that it is even better, when our students don’t develop prejudices against any aspect of diversity in human life at all.

Three years after starting with the ‘Multipride Project”, we are sure that this is the right approach. This year’s school community survey proves our conviction:

About 90 % of ours students agree,that “The school’s Mission includes respect for diversity and the development of global understanding”. It was understood by 79 % that the school’s Mission, Vision, and Values guide the school in its decision-making.

Also the teaching in the classroom is connected with our approach:

74 % of our students say, that local language and culture are used to enhance their learning. (about 74%). About 81 % agree, that in their classes, they learn about cultures different to their own and 77 % feel encouraged, to share about their ethnic/cultural heritage.

The lasting impact of what we are doing is, what keeps us going!

With gratitude,

Dr Dehlia Schirmer

Inclusion & Extension Coordinator at DYP International School


Integra is een psychotherapeutische praktijk in Antwerpen.
Wij bieden psychologische hulp aan mensen die het gevoel hebben vast te zitten in hun leven:
niet meer vooruit geraken, geen uitweg zien, niet meer kunnen functioneren…


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